Victims and Addicts

Have you been wondering whether to stop seeing your psychic? Or wondering how to cope after being ripped off by one? If so, you have come to the right place.

There are two major groups of people who have been hurt by psychics; one group has fallen under the spell of fraudulent psychics who knowingly, or unknowingly, guide their clients dishonestly - so that the client becomes increasingly dependent on the psychic. This often begins with psychics telling them that they are cursed, and that they will not be free of the curse unless they pay the psychic with large sums of money or in valuable property. The victims, sometimes called ‘misfortunates,’ are often purposely duped.

The other group is made up of people who can become increasingly reliant on one or more psychics to guide every aspect of their lives. These people often feel great anxiety over whether they will be able to hold onto relationships, jobs and good health. Psychics, even well-meaning ones – may only make matters worse – by increasing the sense these clients have that their life is not under their own control. For these addicts, sometimes called Psychic Junkies, it may be best not to see any psychics – because in doing so,  the client may spend thousands of dollars calling or seeing many psychics until they get the answer they want to hear.

Of course it can be especially hard for misfortunates or psychic junkies, to get any support when they want to pull out of their relationship with a psychic. Many experience unsympathetic family and friends who may say, “I told you so!” Others may know of many people who think that there is nothing wrong with psychics, and who question why the victim distrusts the psychic process.

Lastly, it may feel scary to trust someone other than your psychic – especially if you believe they have placed a curse on you. In this case, it may be better to talk to a professional instead of another psychic or healer. Therapists and counselors are trained to be objective and to help you discern to what degree you should be concerned about psychic predictions. It is not the therapists job to order you to do what they say. If you are not sure you want to talk to a therapist, consider talking to another victim of psychic abuse, or read more on how psychic abuse in accomplished in the Resources section.

With the tools on this website, you too can begin to learn how an unhealthy dependence occurs and how to get stronger and return to a normal life. Read on!

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