Family and Friends

If you have been wondering what to do about a family member or friend who has become involved with a psychic in a destructive way, you have come to the right place.

Family members and friends of people, who have become addicted to or manipulated by fraudulent psychics, are often frustrated by radical changes in behavior – and are at a loss to explain it. Some of these changes on the part of the addict or victim may include:

Isolation from family and friends. In some cases, victims are told not to tell family and friends what is going on. In some cases, victims are embarrassed to tell people what is going on. In either case, a non-judgmental approach usually works best.

Paranoia about the motives of family and friends. In some cases, psychics tell victims that family members or friends are possessed by evil spirits or are under a curse. They use this to persuade the victim to give them money to ‘lift the curse,’ and ‘restore’ their relationship with the victim. Of course, there is always an excuse as to why the curse is not lifted. Be aware that your loved one may be genuinely scared of you and your motives-however crazy they may seem to you. Getting angry at the victim may not help but serve to push them farther away from you – which is what these psychics want.

Increased financial dependency on family and friends. ¬†As the victim spends more and more money to pay their psychic or for ‘psychic hotlines,’ they may become more dependent on family and friends to help them out financially. People who were previously responsible with money may no longer be. In some cases, people may blatantly steal money from family and friends to pay for their addiction. Although this may be scary, the fact that they still have a relationship with you is a positive thing.

Radical Mood Swings. Some victims of psychic abuse exhibit radical mood swings. To some extent this may be due to the fact that their psychics may be telling them to be fearful of something one minute and not to worry about something the next. Your friend or relative may be afraid of losing a relationship with a partner or even you, or may be fearful of increased debt – but the psychic may also be telling them that they have nothing to fear. This can create a roller coaster of feelings on a daily basis.

Your story is important!

You are not alone. You are invited to share your story with other family members and/or friends of psychic addicts or victims. All stories will be edited for readability and identifying material will be eliminated.


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