Here is a short list of links which may help people find information and/or professional help. Please note that we cannot guarantee the work of anyone else. These are only suggestions. We ask that anyone who consults a  professional from this or any other list, do their own research about licensure and/or experience before entering into a formal relationship with them. Also note that licensure laws vary from state to state.

We will continue to add to this list.

Addicted to Psychics:

For those who may be or have been addicted to psychics. Join the online support group and read the book, Psychic Junkie, by Sarah Lassez.

Cultic and/or High Demand Groups that make ‘psychic’ claims: A national support group for former members of destructive cults or other closed, high-demand group or relationships. An international organization that studies cultic phenomenon. Their online library is enormous.

Scam Watches: Gypsy Psychic Scams  FraudTech’s World of Cons, Frauds, and Other Lies

Scientific Investigations of Paranormal Claims: This is the James Randi Educational Foundation. James Randi was trained as a professional stage magician, and is known for his ability to spot frauds. His organization consists of people from many disciplines who watch and analyze paranormal claims. Look James Randi up on YouTube. The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. Note their publication; The Skeptical Inquirer. This group has been around for years. This site shows some documentaries by the BBC (British Broadcasting Company) on psychics and mediums and how they operate.

Support Groups:

Links and reading lists for those suffering with anxiety and depression will be added soon.


For people seeking therapists familiar with the harm done by either groups or individuals using manipulative techniques, the therapists on the ICSA website, may be helpful. You can also encourage your own therapist to read things on the ICSA website. Therapists who know more about trauma, anxiety and depression may also be helpful.




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