If you are a professional who is currently helping someone with an addiction to a psychic, or helping someone who has had other problems with psychics, you have come to the right place. We welcome comments from mental health professionals, clergy, people in legal fields, and law enforcement.This is your opportunity to get assistance for your clients and share what you know.

Tips For Working With Victims and Addicts:

If you have not worked with the victim of a fraudulent psychic before, it is important to know that these clients may have been traumatized by threats of curses directed at self, family members and friends.¬†Victims may exhibit symptoms of paranoia – that were induced by the psychic. They may also be fearful that the psychic is ‘all knowing,’ and that they cannot escape from the psychic because they believe the psychic knows what they are thinking. Victims of psychics and addicts may have spent thousands of dollars on psychic readings of various kinds. They may be having severe financial problems.

As a result it may take a while to sort out underlying mental health issues – if any. In the short term, however, like most addictions, it is best to help the victim or addict focus on staying away from psychic readings and begin the process of reconnecting with others outside of the psychic’s circles. In the case of psychic addicts – the addiction itself¬†may not be due to any specific trauma or threats. Addicts may be influenced by anxiety about ‘future’ events, and depressed about perceived losses. Psychics themselves may not be intentionally harmful. Their sincerity and kindness may be seen as proof of their truth claims, whether valid or not. To a true addict, this will make no difference.


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